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Shemale Pornstar Tracey out of The Hampton Roads Area...  Norfolk, VA... This Black Shemale  is a slim built well bong body hung freak... A Versatile Black Transsexual That and take some dick and give some hard dick right out... LOL... She also has her own Solo Black Shemale site with all Exclusive shemale porn content... She travels all over the East coast doing homemade hardcore videos with some of the Hottest DL thug Tranny Chasers... She will not Disappoint you with her performance.. She give one of the best Fuck Session you will ever seen on film... Over 150+ black Shemale Porn videos on her site....

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New to the solo Porn business but not new to Shemale Porn is TS Adriana Lynn Rush. Beautiful Model Type Black Shemale that could grace many magazine covers is one of the most passable shemale pornstar in the business. She has some exotic features like her blue eyes and a Hard Black tranny cock. She stay erected and does a great job Topping every man she can get to. Her solo site Model type scenes with her getting dress up and then stripping to nothing Masturbate with sex toys on videos. but she also dicks down a lot of white guys in her interracial scenes she know to do for other websites like Bobs-Tgirls, Shemale-Club, TS-Seduction and Shemale.XXX just to name a few.  

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TS Nody Nadia... a Pint Size firecracker slut that love to get fucked with some bareback white cock...  She has done some real hot scene with Tranny Chaser Male Pornstar "Christian XXX" . She stands only 5'2 with a pretty face, tone body and a tight asshole... Tranny Chasers from all around can't get enough of her... She the darling of shemale Pornsites like Shemale-Pornstar, Franks-Tgirls, Shemale-Yum and TS-Playground.... He solo website here is reall great where you can get a more exclusive view of her... Still a rather new website with 50 HD Photo and Video Galleries on her site..

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TS Sexii Trina is know as the Amazon of Black Shemale Porn....  She a brick -house from Altanta GA.... Huge Tranny Boobs, Phat juicy 45 inch ass and hung 10+ inch rock hard Black dick between her legs... This 6 foot tall Black Tranny Pornstar first came into the shemale business thru Her solo career in porn took over since them... currently Shoot her own content for her Solo site where she also tour the country to meet up with guys to do hardcore porn scene with... She is very direct and commands a scene... she has over 100+ videos on her site..

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TS EVE... one of the first Black Shemales with her own solo website.... She paved the way for what most girls knowing is "Bitch, get your own money" ... She's a BBW Red Bone Black Shemale that can still turn heads... She has the Biggest ass, Huge dark Nipples and still make that Tranny cock of her tear up some Hot DL Boys Tight asshole... another Dirty South Alum 'Atlanta, GA" She stands about 6 feet tall a towering sight to see... Once she get those thighs on you Tranny Chasers it a rap... She taken totally control... 100's of videos on her site many new one HD...

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TS Nia Play Pen. By far I have to see the Tallest, and Biggest cock solo Shemale in the business. TS Nia Stands over 6'3 inches tall. with heels. forget it. at least 6'7. She also has another great feature. a hung curved uncut black cock. Hot to be over 11 inches long. Seriously, it's fucking big. She from Miami. She often scene in North Miami and Fort Lauderdale. She been around for a while doing scenes with all the local South Florida talent out there. She love to fuck all the boys she can get to. But if they are nice. She let  a few get some of that tight ass she has. Her Site has over 70+ scenes. All Exclusive and never seen before..

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TS Sunshyne Monroe... a Dallas, TX native and a Portuguese decedent is  another Young new Solo Shemale talent that was discover by Shemale-Club... She did alot of hardcore and solo scene for them.... The fan fare she got prompt the owners of Shemale Club to give her own website.. She didn't leave anyone disappointed.. She out here masturbating, water play, Sex Toys and Hardcore Scene of her getting top by hot white studs... Her site has over 40 videos and photo scene... She still new but worth checking out with the SMCrevenue Multi-Pass... get 25 solo websites for only $35.00.... Click Here...

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TS Natassia Dreams. Probably one of worlds most famous Black Shemales. First became famous for shooting for, Frank's Tgirl World and Shemale-Yum. She is from the West Coast but is now an international Pornstar/Dancer/Socialite living in Europe "Madrid, Spain". She has found over 1000+ new fans through-out Europe. Her website has been currently redesign for 2013 and over 20 new updates has been posted since. even a special bareback scene she did with Tranny Chaser Male Pornstar "Christian XXX" Check out this American Superstar that taken the Shemale Porn by storm.

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TS Natalia Coxxx. America Most fit Body Shemale just about ever. She is rip and erect just about in ever porn scene she has on the site. another hot shemale being discover out of Chicago, IL shooting for back in 2009. from there she took everything by storm. She shot for over 10 other shemale websites like. Mega-Cock-Tranny, Bobs-Tgirls, Shemale-Club and Shemale.XXX just to name a few. Her solo site she shot in Chicago and in New Jersey. She found her own talent and came up with some hot ideas to please her fans and followers. But She has over 60+ scenes. Click here to get a Multi-Pass to her site and 25 other hardcore solo shemale pornstars now...

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TS Juicy Nikki. A Miami, Florida Native. what can we say. She is the realist black tranny solo pornstar ever. She does it all. She sucks, she get fucks, she flip two dudes over and do the same to them all bareback if she needs to. Some of the best Raw Untouched black shemale porn. It will leave your month Hanging open. you wouldn't believe it.. She a BBW model pornstar but she don't let any of that effects her performance. A dude that fucks with her will know they having a good time. I can't say anymore. over 200 hardcore videos of her doing the str8 nasty for you BBW, Nasty shemale loving porn out there...

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TS Bianca. Well I have to say. I like this BBW shemale North Carolina Native style. She was a bigger girl some time back when she first came into the shemale porn scene some time back but now. She took some weight off all she give them boys from hardcore black tranny porn action. she has some very creative scenes and she seem to be able to get a dude to do what ever she once. I guess it those big tranny boobs or her  Phat Tranny ass she been work on. But it may just be that black tranny cock she carry around that has dude flipping out for. She has like 7 new videos on her site. But many more of her order content still there.

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